SSLP Application and Placement Process

How to apply and find a placement in the SSLP

We appreciate your interest in the Summer Service Learning Program (SSLP), an eight-week immersion within a three-credit S/U course in theology (THEO33936) entitled "Kinship on the Margins." 

The application for the 2018 SSLP is now closed. The application for the 2019 SSLP will open on November 1, 2018.

Requirements to Participate 

Previous service experience, academic good standing, availability for eight consecutive weeks during summer, and registering for the course.

Interview Process

You will receive an email invitation to interview from Emily Garvey, usually within one to three days of your submitting your application. Interviews take place in Geddes Hall and last approximately 45 minutes. 

Placement Meeting

After the interview, if you are accepted into the next stage of the process, you will receive an invitation to the placement meeting. These meetings last 60 minutes and entail learning more about the sites you are interested in. Attending a placement meeting does not guarantee an offer of a SSLP site. 

Contract Signing

If you are offered a site placement, you have five days to accept or decline the offer. If you accept, you will sign up for a 45-minute contract signing appointment. At this appointment, you will sign a contract affirming that you meet all the requirements, are 100% committed to the SSLP, and are not waiting on any other offers, internships, programs, etc.  


Contact Emily Garvey, Summer Service Learning Program Assistant Director