Ecuador - San José de Chimbo, Loja

Population facets: 

Partner Organization:  Fundación Natividad de los Andes

Location:  San José de Chimbo & Loja, Provincia Bolívar, Ecuador

Number of Students: 2 students

Dates:  Determined by site. The last three years students have departed in the second week of June.

In person opportunities summer 2022: Yes

Virtual opportunities summer 2022: Yes

Additional Information:

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, if we are unable to deploy students in person, students will not be obligated to complete the ISSLP and may withdraw without penalty. For students wishing to continue with the ISSLP in virtual mode, ISSLP staff will work with them to be placed with a virtual international service option.

Participation Requirements:

  • Language & Proficiency Requirement:  Proficiency in Spanish required
  • Gender Requirement: Female
  • Required Experience: Interest in education and working with young children and youth.
  • Major Requirement: None
  • Student Minimum Age: None
  • Special Requirements: Students should be able to work with children and teenagers as well as adults and have a deep well of patience, a willingness to share oneself, and a strong sense of initiative and enthusiasm.  This site is suited for students interested in education. Experience in teaching is desired. Students lacking such experience may be required to volunteer in a local organization teaching or tutoring to children and youth. 
  • Other:  None

Special Training Required Prior to Summer Deployment: 

(The following sessions and workshops will be organized and provided by the ISSLP during the Spring semester. Additional training sessions may be added as needed.)

  • Teaching/Working with Children Workshop
  • Teaching English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Training
  • Classroom Management Training
  • Red Cross Certification
  • Self Defense

Site Description:

The Fundación Natividad de los Andes is a non-profit social organization created by the del Salto Nuñez family with the main goal to educate children and youth from San José de Chimbo in computer and English classes. The mission of the foundation is to contribute to the education of children and teenagers in need from Chimbo in a way that they can be better prepared to enter into the global and local job market. Alongside their educational mission, the foundation aims to make a difference in society through the practice and reflection of Catholic values.

The Fundación Natividad de los Andes has a computer lab with all the equipment and facilities required for computer classes. In addition, the Foundation works in coordination with the Comunidad de Hermanas Marianitas de Jesús and its private school, as well as with the local health center. The English classes benefit children and youth not only from Chimbo, but also from neighboring villages and rural communities.

Scope of Work & Responsibilities:

Notice: Scope of work may have some changes based on the needs of the partner organizations at the time of student arrival/engagement. 

This site can be in person and/or virtual for summer 2022.

This section reflects the most recent scope of work for students who deployed in the last few years to Ecuador. This scope of work may change based on the needs of the organization at the time of student arrival and/or due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Scope of work in person:

Since 2012, when the ISSLP first started in Chimbo, more than 300 students have benefited from English classes at the Foundation.  During  summer 2012,  ISSLP students were in charge of teaching English at the Marianitas School  during the first month of the program, and the at the Foundation during the second part of their ISSLP. Students also led in designing the first version of the Foundation’s web page.

In summer 2013, the English classes expanded to three public elementary schools in town (Rafael J. Bazante, Juan C. Secaira and Alejandro S. Bermeo). Thus, ISSLP students taught at Marianitas School and the three public elementary schools for the first part of the ISSLP, and during the second part of the ISSLP  the classes took place exclusively at the Foundation.  This organization and scheme for the classes was kept during the summers 2014 and 2015.

During the summers of 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019 ISSLP students primarily taught English courses at Natividad of the Andes Foundation, and assisted with activities and classes at the Marianitas School. In summer 2020, five students worked with Fundación Natividad de los Andes to teach remote English classes to 168 school teachers from Catholic Schools in the towns of Chimbo, Guaranda, and Loja, Ecuador during the months of June and July. In 2021, students continued teaching English to the school teachers in Guaranda and Loja.

For summer 2022, ISSLP students are expected to continue teaching the English courses at the Foundation and the Marianitas School. Other responsibilities may include planning and/or assisting with different foundation activities, preparing material on social, psychological, theological and cultural topics based on Catholic social teaching.

Scope of work virtual:

If international travel is not possible, students will be teaching a virtual English course to the school teachers of the Marianitas' school in Guaranda and Loja. 

Housing & Lodging Information:

Students either share a room or have separate rooms while living with the Marianitas sisters. Students are expected to be a respectful guest, to obey house rules, and to conduct themselves appropriately. 

For More Information:

Visit the official Fundacion Natividad de los Andes website:

Former ISSLP Participants:

Notice: Certain sites may be canceled and other sites added at any point during the selection or orientation process.
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