Rachel Rivers Parroquín, Ed.D.

Director of Spanish Community-Based Learning; Faculty Joint Appointment, Romance Languages and Literatures
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206 Geddes Hall

Rachel Rivers Parroquín has a joint appointment with the Center for Social Concerns (CSC) and Romance Languages and Literatures (ROLL). She is an associate professional specialist and associate professor of the practice with ROLL and is the director of Spanish Community­-Based Learning (CBL). In her position, she works with both ROLL faculty and CSC staff to coordinate the program in community based learning for Spanish students. In addition to intermediate level Spanish classes, she teaches “Once Upon a Time – Children’s Literature and Community Connections” an advanced elective Spanish CBL class.

Prior to coming to Notre Dame, Parroquín taught Spanish at Valparaiso University where she developed the Spanish for Service Professionals course, as well as worked with the Hispanic community in local parishes. Her experience includes teaching from first grade through university levels including in ESL and Spanish, as well as consulting in special education for Spanish speaking families.

She holds degrees from Valparaiso University in Spanish (B.A.) and Education (B.S., M.Ed.) and Loyola University Chicago (Ed.D.). Her dissertation, Integrated Curriculum and Urban Service Learning: Impacting Pre­service Teachers’ Attitudes About Multiculturalism, focused on working with undergraduates in a service learning setting and studied how the selection of materials used in classroom instruction can impact students’ ability to more deeply interact with the community and reflect upon and understand that interaction.

Parroquín presents regularly at conferences on reflection, CBL pedagogy, and CBL program assessment. In addition to community­-based learning and second language for specific purposes, her interests include the use of portfolios in assessment, and integrated curriculum. Parroquín has also traveled to Costa Rica and Nicaragua where she interpreted in urban and rural clinics for a health care service­-learning course. In the fall of 2015, she was recognized as the Indiana Foreign Language Teacher of the Year.


Publications & Presentations



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“Enhance Student Reflection and Production by Integrating Prompts and Rubrics.” co‐presented with Elena Mangione‐Lora at ACTFL, Many Languages, One United Voice Convention, November 16‐18, 2012 at Philadelphia PA.



“Community Based Learning in the Context of L2 Learning and Another Culture,” Facilitated Roundtable discussion at Indiana Campus Compact, Networking Council—Northern Regional Meeting, September 30. University of Notre Dame.

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