Peru - Lima

Partner Organization:  Congregation of the Holy Cross in Lima, Peru

Location:  Lima, Peru

Number of Students:  Up to 4 students (2 males and 2 females)

Dates:  Flexible dates coordinated with Holy Cross staff. Anticipated arrival last week of May or first week of June.

In person opportunities summer 2022: Yes

Virtual opportunities summer 2022: To be determined

Additional Information:

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, if we are unable to deploy students in person, students will not be obligated to complete the ISSLP and may withdraw without penalty. For students wishing to continue with the ISSLP in virtual mode, ISSLP staff will work with them to be placed with a virtual international service option.

Participation Requirements:

  • Language & Proficiency Requirement:  Intermediate Spanish preferred. Spanish beginners are welcome to apply and are expected to take Spanish classes and/or attend tutoring language sessions during the spring semester 2022.
  • Gender Requirement: None
  • Required Experience: None
  • Major Requirement:  None
  • Student Minimum Age:  None
  • Special Requirements: Interest and/or experience in working with children with special needs is desired but not required

Special Training Required Prior to Summer Deployment:  (The following sessions and workshops will be organized and provided by the ISSLP during the Spring semester.)

  • Teaching/Working with Children Workshop
  • Holy Cross Orientation
  • Self Defense
  • Students lacking experience working with children with special needs may be required to volunteer in a local organization that works with this population.

Site Description:  

The Holy Cross Mission in Perú was initiated in the early 1960s in response to Pope John XXIII’s call to send missionaries to Latin America. That original congregational commitment has developed and matured from the initial foundations in the northern coastal areas of Cartavio and Chimbote, a presence in the department of Puno, and a brief commitment within the Diocese of Tacna. Today the life and work of the Holy Cross community is rooted among the urban poor and concentrated principally within the limits of El Señor de la Esperanza Parish in Canto Grande, District of San Juan de Lurigancho.

Though El Señor de la Esperanza Parish is the original Holy Cross commitment in the metropolitan Lima area and could be considered the anchor of what the Holy Cross Priests do in Peru, all their apostolates are clearly and effectively interrelated to carry out the mission of the Holy Cross in the country.

There are six main projects in which the Holy Cross Mission in Lima is deeply involved: El Señor de la Esperanza Parish, Fe y Alegría No. 25 School, Yancana Huasy (Center for children with special needs and their families,) the Pastoral Institute for the Family (The Patrick Peyton Center), the Rosary Apostolate, and the Hermano Andres Clinic.

Scope of Work & Responsibilities:

Notice: Scope of work may have some changes based on the needs of the partner organizations at the time of student arrival/engagement.

This site will be in person for summer 2022. Virtual opportunities are still being determined.

This section reflects the most recent scope of work for students who deployed in the last few years to Lima, Peru. This scope of work may change based on the needs of the organization at the time of student arrival and/or due to COVID-19 restrictions..

ISSLP students split their time between Fe Alegría school and Yancana Huasi (the Center for children with special needs and their families.) Fe y Alegría School provides access to quality education to families that live in settings of poverty and exclusion. Currently there are 2,000 students who attend elementary, middle and high school. Fe y Alegría also provides special education for children with mental and physical disabilities. At the school, ISSLP students assist teachers and professionals in their classes for children with special needs. In the special education area, students support professionals by aiding in classroom management, leadership and organization. Students can also support elementary, middle and high school classes in English, math, science, literature and arts if there is a need in those areas. In some opportunities, students have had also the opportunity to get involved at the bakery (technical formation space and classes for high school students who want to learn bakery as a profession.) ​

Yancana Huasi is a center located at the heart of Canto Grande, which provides professional education and health support to the people, especially children, in the community that suffer from physical and mental disabilities. At Yacana Huasy, ISSLP students play a similar role than at Fe Alegria by supporting specially education teachers in their classrooms. ​

For the summer 2022, students will have the opportunity to continue supporting the work at the Fe y Alegria School, and at Yancana Huasi. ​

Students are expected to participate fully in the spiritual and communal life of the Holy Cross priests in Lima and are encouraged to share their unique gifts and talents in service of the people and mission of the Congregation of the Holy Cross.

Housing & Lodging Information:

Male students live in the Formation House with the Holy Cross priests and seminarians and live in community which includes sharing meals, prayer, and Mass together.  While the priests are very hospitality oriented and welcoming, it is important for students to remember that they are guests in the priests’ home and should be respectful and helpful with household chores.  Students are provided rooms with a bed, desk, and a small wardrobe.  Meals are provided at the Formation House and are prepared by cooks who are employed by Holy Cross. Female students will live with host families who are located in close proximity to the Formation House. They will have most of the meals with the host families and are invited to participate in the community activities organized by the Holy Cross priest at the Formation House. This site can accommodate a vegetarian diet but students should be respectful of what is served to them if invited to visit school and parish families. 

For More Information:

Visit official Holy Cross Websites:;

Former ISSLP Participants:

Luke Schafer '23 (ISSLP 2021)*

*Did not deploy due to COVID-19 pandemic

Notice: Certain sites may be canceled and other sites added at any point during the selection and orientation process.

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