Leadership Training in Social Concerns Seminars

Seminars Leadership Recruitment for 20182019

Social Concerns Seminars depend significantly upon our student leaders. We begin seeking leaders in the spring for the upcoming academic year. We offer well over 20 seminars a year and this requires over 90 leaders.  Seminar student leader positions include leading peers at Appalachia sites, and within smaller seminars (Energy, Climate, and Social Change; Migrant Experiences, U.S. Health Care: Policy and Poverty, Gospel of Life, etc.). Most of our leaders are former participants in a seminar but we welcome all who are interested in leadership to apply.

Through the year, we will be recruiting and inviting students to consider leading in a seminar for the 2018–2019 academic year. However, we aim to fill the leadership roles as early as possible.

2018–2019 Seminars Leadership Application opens on March 19.


Application Process: 

Priority deadline April 10, 2018

  • Interviews will be conducted between April 11–30. Decisions will be made by early May. 
  • Applying by this time ensures you will get an interview. You may still apply after the deadline and we will reach out as needed.  
  • After your application has been received you will be invited into an interview. Applicants for Appalachia will participate in a group interviews and smaller seminar leaders will be invited into a solo interview with seminars staff.

Things to note:

  • Students can apply to more than one leadership site, but please note, that if you apply to more than one option, you will need to participate in that interview (Appalachia or the small seminar interviews).  
  • If interested in leading at more than one Appalachia site, you will only need to participate in one interview.  
  • The application process applies to fall and spring seminars.