CSC Course
CSC 33961
THEO 33961

The Discernment Seminar provides undergraduate students an opportunity to reflect on their encounters and discover how and where God is inviting them to be their authentic selves.  Whether considering a change in major or deciding on postgraduate plans, navigating a relationship or seeking greater intentionality in daily life, students in this class will accompany each other as they explore their respective vocations and develop disciplines to listen and respond to these callings.  Content will include Catholic Social Teaching, cultural critique, narrative theology, spiritual direction and the arts.

It is a requirement to attend all class sessions for this course.


20 (15 CSC, 5 THEO)
This seminar does not include an immersion.
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Facilitator: Mike Hebbeler

If you have any questions, please call (574) 631-5779 or e-mail mhebbele@nd.edu.

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