2012-13 Pacem In Terris: Raising Voices

Pacem In Terris graphic

Pacem In Terris: Raising Voices was our theme throughout the 2012–13 academic year. The Center for Social Concerns emphasized teaching how to make peace and actively go forth and build peace. April 2013 marked the 50th Anniversary of this seminal document of the Catholic Social Tradition which promoted human rights, the formation of conscience, disarmament, and the common good.

Throughout the year, the Center integrated Pacem In Terris into its courses, seminars, and programming, especially in regard to hearing the cries of the poor in order to build peace. Justice education efforts featured speakers throughout the year to illuminate the various themes within the encyclical. The culmination of the year’s focus was an international conference from March 21–23, 2013, on the 50th Anniversary of Pacem In Terris: Peace Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow. Speakers from around the world highlighted the international and interfaith approach to peacebuilding and promotion of human rights that profoundly affected Catholic teaching and practice. 

Eight Steps for Building Peace: Raising Voices, Taking Action

Work for Peace. 

Pray with murder victims families. Visit the imprisoned. Avoid violent language or actions on campus and in your home communities. 

“Peace on earth can be firmly established only if the order laid down by God be dutifully observed.” —Pacem in Terris, 1

Respect Life and Quality of Life. 

Volunteer. Do a Summer Service Learning Program or an International Summer Service Learning Program. 

“Every person has the right to life, to bodily integrity, and to the means which are suitable for the proper development of life; … primarily food, clothing, shelter, rest, medical care, and the necessary social services.” —Pacem in Terris, 11

Help Educate. 

Tutor. Attend a Center for Social Concerns seminar. Speak against racial injustice. 

“The natural law gives one the right to a basic education.” —Pacem in Terris, 13

Promote Families. 

Get involved in a fair wage campaign. Attend the March for Life. 

“Careful provision must be made for the family both in economic and social matters.” —Pacem in Terris, 16

Promote the Dignity of Work. 

Attend Higgins Labor Studies Program events. Hug your housekeeper.

“One has a right to the opportunity to work, but also to go about work without coercion.” —Pacem in Terris, 18

Celebrate Women’s Rights. 

Expose human trafficking. Promote micro-enterprises. 

“Women will not tolerate being treated as mere material instruments.” —Pacem in Terris, 41

Consider Your Vote. 

Practice faithful citizenship. Inform your conscience. Vote. 

“Human beings should take an active part in government.” —Pacem in Terris, 73

Defend Immigrants. 

Promote the DREAM Act. Work with Iraqi refugees in town. 

“As far as the common good permits, it is the duty of that state to accept immigrants.” —Pacem in Terris, 106