Camp Scully


New York

Site Housing: 
The service organization will house and feed the student(s).

Gender Requirement: 
Either Gender

Driver's License Required: 
License Not Required

Student Minimum Age: 

Language Requirement: 
Not Required

The student will live on site or close enough to walk

Site Dates: 
6/20/22 - 8/12/22

Social Issues: 
Overnight Camps

Camp Scully


Site Description: 

Camp Scully runs a series of one week overnight camps for economically disadvantaged children sponsored by Catholic Charities. New campers arrive each week and participate in activities including outdoor education, canoeing, swimming, archery, a ropes course, and sports. The SSLP student serves as a camp counselor for a cabin group providing direct care and supervision 22 hours a day, participating in all the camps’ activities, keeping the campers active and having fun!

Student Responsibilities:
Being a camp counselor might be the most difficult job you have ever had. You will get from camp exactly what you put into it. There are many leadership opportunities. If you are ready to give 100% to this job, then you will experience one of the best summers of your life!
You will be living in a cabin with your campers. There isn’t air conditioning or soft carpeting, but you'll feel a breeze from the lake and hear the crickets' songs; you'll roast marshmallows and listen to kids tell outrageous stories; you'll hike through forests searching for the perfect place for your campers to build a fort. Soon you'll forget about some of the comforts of home that seemed so necessary just days before. And you will have been offered the gift of being present with over 30 of your peers (soon to be new, best-friends) working together towards a goal greater than yourself.
You love children. At Camp Scully, you will not be a parent or supervisor to the children in your care. You will be their role model, mentor and friend. You will be a positive force in hundreds of children's lives. The smallest ripple will start something great. You may not even know it when it happens, but any one of your thousands of interactions with campers this summer could be a game changer, leading them on to extraordinary things.
The days will be long, they will be hot and we may get lots of rain, but the memories created here will echo in your mind the rest of your life.

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