Andre House


213 S 11th Ave P.O. Box 2014
Phoenix , AZ 85001

Site Housing: 
The service organization will house and feed the student(s). The student(s) will live with other interns from around the country serving at Andre House in a house we provide. The placement can also be rewarding if the student(s) is required to live at hom

Gender Requirement: 
Either Gender

Driver's License Required: 
License Not Required

Student Minimum Age: 
No legal age requirement

Language Requirement: 
Not Required

The site will provide a vehicle for the student to use

Site Dates: 
Any 8 consecutive weeks between May 16th and August 12th.

Social Issues: 

Andre House


Site Description: 

Andre House is a ministry of the Congregation of Holy Cross. It provides up close and personal encounters with the chronically and transitionally homeless and poor. Guided by a Holy Cross Priest and Brother, we provide transitional housing, dinner six nights a week with an average of 600 meals/night, showers, bathrooms, phone use, and the distribution of material goods such as toiletries, blankets, and clothing to those in need. The student assists with all the functions of the organization, working in solidarity with the guests (we refer to those who receive our services as guests rather than clients), staff, and other volunteers to provide a safe, supportive community of service. While the SSLP student is at Andre House, they will be seen as part of the Summer Staff. Therefore, the student(s) will live in community with the rest of the lay staff. The staff house is near site. The SSLP student(s) may also have an overnight shift at the transitional house.

Student Responsibilities:
Students will be responsible for assisting with the programs listed (meals, shelter, clothes, etc), as well as befriending guests, interacting with volunteers and living as a good community member with the rest of the staff. The student will essentially be a Summer Staff person at Andre House. Upon arrival, the student will receive a schedule that will include participating in and/or directing each of the areas of service that Andre House offers our guests. With an underlying philosophy of personalism, we believe that the relationships that the student will form with the guests coming for services at Andre House, other volunteers, and staff will form an essential part of their experience.

A high value is placed on the donations we receive at Andre House. The staff lives off of the same services we provide to our guests. The clothing we wear comes from donations, we eat the food we serve to our guests, any hygiene products we have are acquired through what we call 'basement shopping.' We try to emulate the lives of our guests as best we can without the comforts of home.

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