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Academy Prep Centers are located in St. Petersburg, Tampa, and Lakeland, Florida. These rigorous private middle schools partner with the Notre Dame Mission Volunteers Program to hire 5–7 AmeriCorps volunteers annually. The AmeriCorps volunteers are an integral part of Academy Prep: they teach supplemental or specialty academic classes, oversee serving breakfast, lunch, and snack, and teach enrichment program classes. Academy Prep’s specialty teachers from AmeriCorps come to the organization with a wide range of talents, backgrounds, and areas of expertise. No teaching certification required. Many of the current Academy Prep faculty/staff began as AmeriCorps volunteers. In addition to having rent and utilities covered, Academy Prep’s AmeriCorps teachers receive a modest monthly stipend, a bi-weekly food allowance, and a significant education scholarship at the conclusion of the service year.
Cristina (Tina) Gutierrez-Brewster, ND '06
813-248-5600 ext. 1140
12 months
Teach classes, supervise activities, and work closely with students and professional teachers at this tuition-free, independent learning environment for middle-school aged children who qualify for need-based scholarships. In the atmosphere of an extended family, Academy Prep encourages and teaches students to excel in academics, ethical and moral understanding and judgment, and life skills.
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