29:Eleven Maternity Home


600 B Street #2100
San Diego , CA 92101

Site Housing: 
Student(s) will live on site. The bedroom may be shared with another student. A bathroom will be shared by students and staff.

Gender Requirement: 
Female Only

Driver's License Required: 
Preferred but not required

Student Minimum Age: 
No legal age requirement

Language Requirement: 
Not Required

The student will live on site or close enough to walk

Site Dates: 
5/16/22 - 7/8/22, 5/23/22 - 7/15/22

Social Issues: 
Pregnancy Resources

29:Eleven Maternity Home


Site Description: 

29:Eleven Maternity Home is a Christian housing program which celebrates motherhood in difficult circumstances. Through the use of two single family homes (a maternity home and an extended care home), the 29:Eleven Maternity Home program is intended to encourage and empower women within the framework of a Christ-centered life, realizing that we are all made in the image of God and leaning into the belief that God has a great plan for each and every one of us. [Ergo our name, Jeremiah 29:11] In the maternity home, pregnant women live with one another in a safe and loving home where they are supported in setting and achieving goals which will positively change the trajectory of their and their children's lives. Women are welcomed into the home at any stage of their pregnancy where they continue to live anywhere from 3-6 months after giving birth. The extended care home serves as transitional housing for women coming from the maternity home who are in need of continued assistance and have expressed a desire to participate in a focused discipleship program. At this home, women can stay until their babies are approximately 2 years old. In close partnership with 29:Eleven staff and community volunteers, the student serves as a support person for the pregnant and parenting mothers. Most importantly, the student is someone who will encourage the faith journeys of the residents. This occurs as the student participates in a wide variety of duties to oversee spiritual formation in the Christian faith, childcare, facilitating curriculum as well as helping with the ministry's administrative tasks.

Student Responsibilities:
This is a unique, immersive experience in which students live at the extended care program of the 29:Eleven Maternity Home so they can provide support and care to the resident mothers and their children/babies while also supporting staff and community volunteers. Students will work closely with the live-in House Manager and Executive Director to assist the mothers with achieving the goals outlined in their individualized Resident Care Plans. Duties will vary from day to day, but the student should be prepared to engage daily with the mothers and children of the home as they accompany women to appointments; help with tasks focusing on the upkeep of the home; teach classes focused on pregnancy, parenting and life skills topics; and guide the women through a variety of faith based activities such as attending church services, devotion time, Bible study and prayer. As the student assists the staff of 29:Eleven, duties might include help planning fundraising events, expressing gratitude to supporters, communicating our mission to others, sorting or organizing donations which the mothers regularly access, and being present to the immediate needs of the moms and babies.

Brianna Ruiz (bruiz2@nd.edu )
Damariz Olguin (dolguin01@saintmarys.edu )
Jillian Brunner (jbrunne2@nd.edu )

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