2013–2014 Course Development Grant Recipients

2013–2014 Course Development Grant Recipients


Immigration and the Construction of Memory

Tatiana Botero-Jáuregui

Associate Professional Specialist, Romance Languages and Literatures Spanish

Younger generations of immigrant families born in the United States are losing their connections with their family language, history, heritage, and roots. They are cut off from the collective wisdom of their parents’ and grand- parents’ culture. While this could be seen positively as a sign of cultural integration into the “American experience” the reality is often quite the contrary. For many “integrated” communities and individuals, losing their roots is not the experience of joyful participation in a new society but the multiple alienation from two homes: the new home here that excludes them and the home there already lost. This course will help create spaces of solidarity and communication as legitimate points of departure for the politics of the future for both students and the community. Together they will document the powerful narratives that not only shape memory but signal possibilities of what is to come. Students will work with families to create and record family histories through techniques such as that of NPR’s StoryCorps, every voice matters, and collaborative book/ scrapbooking. It is our hope to display final projects at Notre Dame’s Center for Arts and Culture. Through this course, the University will strengthen its relationship with the South Bend community.

Sustainable Food Systems and Social Justice

Amy Jonason

Ph.D. Candidate, Sociology

​“Local,” “fair-trade,” “organic” ... Once of interest only to hippies and foodies, these labels are proliferating as Americans demonstrate increasing concern about what happens to food on its way from the farm to the fork. The contemporary conversation around food is morally laden and has significant policy implications. This course will examine and evaluate the contemporary American industrial food system, its critiques, and proposed solutions. We will pay particular attention to how food production and distribution impacts poor communities, investigating the topics of community food security, the impact of environment on obesity rates, and labor justice in the food system. Students will experience the food movement firsthand through community-based learning placements at several local food-related organizations. They will reflect critically on the strengths and limitations of each organization’s approach to promoting food justice, and will conduct small-scale research projects to better understand the impact of these organizations on their target populations. In a collaborative final project, students will develop a policy brief with recommendations for creating a more just and sustainable food system in Michiana.


Gray Family Course Development Grant


Business Ethics Field Project

Jessica McManus Warnell

Assistant Professional Specialist, Management, Mendoza College of Business

This course operates from the recognition that the business sector offers tremendous potential to impact social issues, and that emerging professionals can successfully integrate careers in business with community concerns. Students apply their skills through projects with local agencies, supervisors, and clients by volunteering with a nonprofit organization for the duration of the course. An overview of ethical theory is discussed as we examine ethical dimensions of social issues, and discussion allows exploration of the role of business in social challenges. Course assignments include a reflection journal and written analysis of business case studies that incorporate consideration of social impact. The seminar format allows for group discussion and site visits.

Previous projects have included working with staff of the local homeless center on job readiness programs, coordinating a corporate- community partnership event with a community arts organization, designing software tools with a women’s shelter staff, engaging with the micro-venturing projects of a day center for women and children, designing marketing materials for various organizations and working with young entrepreneurs.