2012–2014 Faculty Fellows

2012–2014 Faculty Fellows


Rev. Hugh R. Page, Jr.

Dean of The First Year of Studies

Associate Professor of Theology and Africana Studies

The Reverend Hugh R. Page, Jr. is an Episcopal priest, poet, musician, photographer, martial artist, and certified tennis professional. He strives to live according to the Renaissance Ideal of broad learning and full engagement in life. Dr. Pages’s research interests are in early Hebrew poetry; the cultural content of ancient epic; theories of myth; African American biblical interpretation; poetry as medium for theological expression; the use of religious traditions and sacred texts in the construction of individual and corporate identity in the Black community; and the role of mysticism and esoterism in African-American, Afro-Caribbean, and Afro-Canadian spirituality. As a Faculty Fellow, he will lead an initiative outlining a vision of meaningful community engagement for the first-year experience.


Kevin Whelan

Michael Smurfit Director of the Keough-Notre Dame Centre in Dublin

Kevin Whelan is one of Ireland’s best known and widely published scholars of history. Since 2009, he has incorporated a community-based learning (CBL) component into his required Introduction to Ireland course for students to examine and engage in social issues in Dublin during their semester abroad. Whelan has written or edited 15 books and over one hundred articles on Ireland’s history, geography, and culture. As a Faculty Fellow, he will deepen his collaboration with Center staff member Rosie McDowell to foster student engagement in contemporary social issues in Dublin through CBL. He provided oversight to the pilot program of the Dublin Social Concerns Internships in summer 2012 and he will consult with Center staff on initiatives to promote CBL as a salient component of the study abroad experience. He also was the chair a panel on CBL at the Forum on Education Abroad conference in Dublin in December 2012, and presenedt at its 2013 conference in Chicago (April 3-5).


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