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Social Concerns Seminar: Discernment

Spring Semester

CSC 33961 / THEO 33961

Available to senior students only.

This seminar does not include an immersion.

Facilitator: Mike Hebbeler

Size: 14 students

Registration is now closed.

Classes: February 02 – March 29, 2012

Thursdays 5:00–6:45 p.m.


Spring 2012 Syllabus

Course Description:

The Discernment Seminar provides senior-level undergraduate students an opportunity to reflect on their college experience and consider postgraduate plans with one another through small-group discussion. Each session is structured to assist the students’ exploration and articulation of their respective vocations through a variety of means, including narrative theology, spiritual direction, literature, and the arts.

It is a requirement to attend all class sessions for this seminar.

If you have any questions, please call (574) 631-5779 or e-mail


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