Leadership for Social Change Fellows Program

The Leadership for Social Change (LSC) Fellows Program seeks students who want to combine their field of study with their calling and sense of social responsibility.

The four main pillars of the program are:

>  Leadership development in a changing world

>  Skill building for social change

>  Community involvement as condition for effective action

>  Interdisciplinary and experiential learning

Launching in the fall of 2017, the LSC is a new program whose participants will form a learning community that will actively explore promoting positive social change and the common good as it relates to personal calling and vocational goals. Key questions the community will consider together:

>  How do leaders for social change nurture human potential, moral imagination, and common purpose?

>  What new models of leadership, organization, and collaboration help to address the social concerns of the 21st century?

>  What can we learn from Catholic social tradition, a commitment to community and active citizenship, and key leaders for social change who work or have worked for a more just world?

>  What is the intersection between the work of societal transformation, my personal process of leadership development, and my vocational goals and desires?