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Experiential Opportunities

Faculty Seminar to El SalvadorThe Center encourages faculty to participate in immersion opportunities. They can participate with students in Center Seminars; for example, faculty members have joined in the Appalachia Seminar, the Mexico Seminar, and the Migrant Worker Seminar. They occasionally visit the Center’s Summer Service Learning Program (SSLP) or Urban Plunge sites.

The Center has offered a number of immersion opportunities for faculty in Latin America and East Africa. In late spring 1999 and again in summer 2002, the Center helped coordinate a two-week trip to Uganda and Kenya. Co-sponsored by the Center, the Provost’s Office, and the Congregation of Holy Cross, the trips offered a number of faculty members and administrators the opportunity to experience the Roman Catholic Church, Catholic higher education, and the work of the Holy Cross brothers, priests and sisters in those two countries. In May of 2004, a group of faculty members visited El Salvador.


Jay Brandenberger, Ph.D.


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