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Community-Based Research 


Community-based research is a collaborative effort between academic researchers and non-academy based community members that aims to generate social action and positive social change through the use of multiple knowledge sources and research methods. Ideally, the research questions originate from off-campus communities and the process involves meaningful participation by all partners in every stage of the research. Our support for this type of scholarship takes several forms.


Community-Based Research Project
The Center is currently linking local organizations with undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty interested in working collaboratively to address the organizations’ research needs, while furthering their academic agendas. The Center facilitates the matching of undergraduates who would like to conduct such research as part of an existing course, an internship, a senior thesis, or special studies class. The Center is also working with graduate students who are interested in such research opportunities and faculty members, such as those who have won the Ganey Award or Mini-Grants.

Ganey Faculty Community-Based Research Award and Engaged Scholarship Award
Given annually to a Notre Dame faculty member who has used his or her scholarly expertise to address a research need of a local organization that lacks the capacity to carry out the research itself.

Ganey Collaborative Community-Based Research Seed Grants and Community Impact Grant
Given annually to one to three research teams made up faculty, student, and community partners and focused on addressing the research need of the community partner organization.

Course Development Grants
The Center is encouraging faculty members to apply for course development grants to incorporate community-based research projects into their academic offerings.


2011 Community-Based Research Award and Grants Guide

2010 Community-Based Research Award and Grants Guide

2009 Community-Based Research Award and Grants Guide


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