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Graduate Student Opportunities

The Center for Social Concerns welcomes graduate students to join an array academic and service activities. The Center connects graduate students with its 62 local community partners and hundreds of agencies worldwide to create engaged teaching, learning, research, and service opportunities. In the past year, over 100 courses with a community-based component were taught by Notre Dame faculty in every college and school, as well as many centers and institutes. Center staff help faculty identify and access relevant community partners, and Center faculty help design syllabi that integrate students’ work in the community with course readings and goals to develop applied critical thinking skills.

Through the Center, graduate students can find funding for teaching, professional development opportunities, and a comfortable place to study or meet in Geddes Hall.







  • Summer Service Learning Program (SSLP)
    • Two paid positions
    • 8-10 hours per week
    • Fall: debriefing meetings and facilitating a small group
    • Spring: conducting interviews and pre-/post-survey work
    • Additional facilitators are needed for evaluating eight students written work and leading three group discussions



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