Teaching Opportunities

The Center for Social Concerns provides a variety of teaching opportunities (many paid) for graduate students in its Social Concerns Seminars, the Summer Service Learning Program (SSLP), and the International Summer Service Learning Program (ISSLP).

Graduate student leaders work alongside undergraduate students throughout the fall or spring semester to design a Social Concerns Seminar course, instruct the class, and formulate and coordinate the weeklong immersion itself. Graduate students also serve as small group facilitators to prepare and debrief students participating in the Urban Plunge Seminar.

Graduate student assistants debrief returning SSLP students, facilitate small group discussions, and conduct interviews over the course of the full academic year. Numerous SSLP facilitators read and evaluate the work of eight students each from summer through mid-September.

A graduate student serves as the ISSLP teaching assistant (TA), by supporting the fall re-entry retreat and class, debriefing students, and reading and providing feedback on final papers. In the spring, the TA supports the weekly International Issues class, reviews and tracks assignments, and helps plan and implement the Orientation Retreat. The ISSLP also seeks graduate students as ISSLP country resources to provide country specific briefing sessions.