SSLP Student Contract


THEO 33936-Kinship on the Margins


WHEREAS, the sponsoring NOTRE DAME Alumni Club has expended time and effort in developing a challenging service-learning immersion which will benefit their particular student participant(s), the Notre Dame Club members, the local community and the entire Notre Dame family; and,

WHEREAS, each student participant is given a Social Concerns Scholarship of $2,200 and a stipend of $500 that is provided by sponsoring Notre Dame Clubs with assistance from the Andrews Scholarship Fund and other donor funds; and,

WHEREAS, Summer Service Learning Program Site Supervisors in community agencies across the country have agreed to participate in this program in order to help students learn about social concerns and depend on the student’s active participation; and,

WHEREAS, the University of Notre Dame's Center for Social Concerns conducts a student application and screening process in order to identify capable and dedicated students of good character to represent the University and the sponsoring Notre Dame Alumni Club in a Summer Service Learning Program site, and also provides the academic preparation and follow-up to insure a well-integrated experience; and, requires a $100.00 non-refundable fee upon signing this contract; and,

WHEREAS, each student selected for the program displaces another student applicant; and satisfactory completion of this course and award of the Scholarship depends on successful completion of both the eight consecutive week service immersion and all academic requirements;

I, _________________________________(name), commit to serving eight consecutive weeks during the summer of 2016 with the ___________________(name of Notre Dame Alumni Club sponsoring your SSLP) Club in _____________________(city). 

I realize the trust which has been placed in me by all parties involved in planning and executing the Summer Service Learning Program and by signing this contract I commit to the SSLP and confirm that I am not looking at other summer opportunities.  I am obligated to fulfill all requirements of the SSLP/THEO 33936.  Initialing each of the following items indicates my commitment to fulfill the requirements:

______   I will fully participate in the three mandatory pre-SSLP classroom sessions.

______  I will serve for eight consecutive weeks of full-time work, scheduling family vacations, conferences and other activities before or after the eight consecutive week immersion.

______  I realize that the position description that I have been given this spring may be altered when I arrive at the site.

______   I will contact the Notre Dame Club and the site of my SSLP within 2 weeks of signing this contract to begin making arrangements for the summer.  I will confirm the dates with both of them before making travel plans.                 

______   I agree that for the eight consecutive weeks of the SSLP, my full-time position at the site will be my top priority (including evening and weekend time), whatever the Notre Dame Club invites me to will be my second priority, the reading and writing assignments will also be a priority, and all other activities, hobbies, events will come after these responsibilities.  We stress that students should not have another job or take another course during the eight consecutive weeks of the SSLP immersion.

  ______    I will maintain an attitude of service at the site and in my living arrangements, knowing that I am there to serve others and will have chores to do.

  ______   I will be respectful of the space and vehicles I use at the site and where I live, maintaining a neat and clean environment, including my bedroom.

  ______   I understand this is a service-learning program, not a professional internship.

  ______   I will complete all the reading and writing assignments for the course by August 25, 2016.

  ______   I will attend all Notre Dame Club functions to which I am invited, unless I am working at my site.

  ______   I will send a copy of my paper with a thank you note to the site, the Alumni Club and any special donors at the completion of my SSLP.

   ______   I will fully participate in the mandatory follow up sessions and debriefing session.

  _______  I will uphold the conduct expected of all Notre Dame students as stated in DuLac and obey all applicable laws. I will maintain good character as a representative of the University.

_______  I have talked with my family and they have agreed to my participation in the SSLP, including the eight consecutive weeks of the service immersion.

I understand that crediting of the Social Concerns Scholarship to my account and passing the course, THEO 33936 is contingent upon my meeting all the requirements listed above.


           _____________________________________       __________________________

           Signature                                                  Date


For SSLP staff member to sign:    As an official representative of the University of Notre Dame's Center for Social Concerns, I hereby accept and confirm _________________________________'s commitment to represent the University in the Summer Service Learning Program.


            ____________________________________         ______________________

            Signature                                                  Date