SSLP Checklist of Responsibilities

Prior to the SSLP

  Make arrangements for dates and housing with your Notre Dame club contact person and your site supervisor.
  Participate in the three mandatory orientation classes in April 2017.
  Complete the SSLP pre-survey.
  Register for THEO 33936, Summer Service Learning: Kinship on the Margins, or register for a Directed Readings course, if you are a second-time student. If this puts you in an overload of credit hours, you will need to register for the course in the fall.
  Fill out the online pre-departure form with your project dates, follow-up choice, and the addresses related to your SSLP.

Read the articles on Sakai about the population with whom you will work.

During the SSLP

  Take the course packet and folder with you for the eight weeks.
  For the eight weeks of the SSLP, working full-time for eight consecutive weeks at your site is your top priority (including evening and weekend time when needed). Whatever the Notre Dame club invites you to is your second priority and keeping up with the course work is a priority as well. All other areas of your life come after these priorities.
  Uphold the conduct expected of all Notre Dame students as stated in DuLac and maintain good character as a representative of the University.

Meet with your Notre Dame club contact person every two weeks. Attend all Notre Dame club events to which you are invited if you are not working at the site during the times of the events.

  Be a self-starter. Look for what needs to be done at the site and assist in whatever way is appropriate.
  Week 2—Submit your first two weeks of journal assignments on Sakai.
  Initiate discussion about social issues with staff at your site and with Notre Dame club member(s).
  Do the weekly reading and writing.
  Maintain an attitude of service at the site and in your living arrangements, knowing that you are there to serve others and will have chores to do.
  Week 4—Submit weeks three and four of your journal assignments on Sakai.
  Week 6—Submit weeks five and six of your journal assignments on Sakai.
  Ask someone to take pictures of you working at the site with other people. The photo will be used for the SSLP booklet. Consult the guidelines in the course packet.
  Week 8—Express gratitude to those at your site, your host families, and your alumni clubs. Submit weeks seven and eight of your journal assignment on Sakai.
  Finish your final paper before returning to campus.

Upon Return to Campus  in 2017


Turn in two copies of your paper on August 21, 2017. Electronically submit your paper on Sakai.

  Send copies of your paper to your site supervisor and your Notre Dame club contact person along with thank you notes .
  Meet for a 20-minute individual debriefing session in September with a member of the SSLP staff. Sign up electronically via a link that will be emailed to you.
  Participate in one of the follow-up choices: the Sunday Workshop, three discussion classes over a three-week time period, or Prof. Margie Pfeil's course on Discipleship.

For those who are Andrews Scholars, attend the Andrews Mass and dinner on September 7, 2017.


Look for ways to follow-up on the summer learning through courses, research projects, community involvement, Center for Social Concerns seminars and opportunities, etc. If you choose to do a senior thesis related to the SSLP, please let us know. We would like an electronic copy of your thesis.