Prepare an Emergency Plan

One of the roles of the SSLP Contact Person in each Club is to inform the SSLP student how to contact him or her if there is an emergency or if the student encounters problems at the site or with housing. 

An emergency plan needs to be in place in case a student is injured.  Tell students who to call in case of emergency and what hospital to go to. Be sure that you keep their family contact information that is on the student application that will be emailed to you. Be sure that the site has this information as well. The Center for Social Concerns will be involved as soon as we are contacted, but the Clubs, sites, host families, and student’s families need to be aware of how to contact all parties. 

Creating and distributing a calling tree, listing the phone numbers for the Contact person, the Club president, the student, the student’s parents, the site supervisor and the SSLP office is important so that all parties have the necessary information.

If the Club contact or the site supervisor has concerns about the student’s behavior, they should contact the SSLP director at the Center for Social Concerns. Students are told that for the eight week SSLP, their first priority needs to be whatever the site asks of them; their second priority is to attend whatever the Notre Dame Club invites them to; and their third priority is other activities/family/friends.  If students do not keep these priorities, please talk with the students and/or contact the SSLP director.