Migrant Experiences

Social Concerns Seminar
CSC 33967
THEO 33967

The goal of the Migrant Seminar is to introduce students to the cultural and social issues surrounding migrant farm labor through experiential learning. Such learning creates a strong foundation of knowledge through direct participation, allowing the development of relationships capable of revealing the diversity, culture, and life challenges of migrant farm workers. 

Exploration into the plight of migrant farm workers begins in the mandatory preparatory class sessions involving presentations, discussions, videos, and selected readings. The Seminar centers on a week-long trip to Immokalee, Florida during the semester break.

Explore Exposure Values: The Immokalee Justice Project. In this exhibit, Notre Dame student Matthew Searle went to the farming region of Immokalee, Florida, to document the lives and experiences of its residents. (Flash player required).

Cost covers transportation, food, housing, and supplies. It will be assessed through student accounts during March or April. If you are accepted into the seminar and decide not to participate after February 2, 2016, you will be charged the full seminar fee.

You must participate in all class sessions and entire immersion in order to complete requirements for the course. Class will take place on Friday afternoons from 4:30 - 6:00 from February 2 through March 25, 2016.

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$300 charged to your student account upon completion of the seminar (financial assistance available based on need)
Application Process: 
  • Application for Spring 2016 is now closed.
  • Only students who are in good academic standing with the University are eligible for participation. 
  • By submitting the application, you confirm you are in good academic standing with the University.
  • By submitting the application, you confirm you have read the drug and alcohol agreement.
  • You will be notified by e-mail about your acceptance status no later than January 26, 2016.


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