Mary Beckman, Ph.D.

Associate Director; Community-Based Research and Impact Director; Director Academic Community Engagement (DACE)
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203 Geddes Hall

Mary Beckman is the director of community-based research and impact and director of academic community engagement. She directs a program in community-based research that offers grants to teams of faculty, community partners, and students to conduct research on issues of local concern. An economist and faculty member, Mary co-developed the University’s Poverty Studies Interdisciplinary Minor and has co-directed and taught in the program. She oversees a number of Center initiatives and, generally, helps guide the evolving academic vision for the Center.

Mary was a tenured faculty member at Lafayette College in Easton, Pennsylvania for many years where, in addition to her teaching and scholarship, she directed a first-year seminar writing program, developed with a colleague the college’s writing across the curriculum program, led the creation of a Latin American studies minor, and participated on most major college committees, including tenure and promotion. She came to Notre Dame in 2001 to assume the position of associate director of the Center.

Her publications can be found in journals including Journal on Excellence in College Teaching, Journal of Higher Education Outreach and Engagement, Review of Radical Political Economics, Women's Studies Quarterly, and in books, for example, Handbook of Engaged Scholarship: The Contemporary Landscape. Volume Two (2010) and Teaching the “isms”: Feminist pedagogy across the disciplines (2010). The focus of her research and writing currently is on the impact of academic community engagement in communities.

Publications & Presentations


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(in press)

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