Host Family Guidelines

Some of you have had years of experience coordinating the Notre Dame Club's SSLP or hosting students in your home -- for others, this summer is your first experience with the program. To that end, we in the SSLP want to reiterate or note some expectations for host families:

Communication and Role in the Household:  Students hosted by Notre Dame families straddle the line between guests and members of the family. They are guests in that they are asked to be respectful and appreciative of the gift they are being provided in your home. They are members of the family to the extent that they are being asked to contribute to the home in helpful ways (such as pitching in where needed and appropriate). Please take a moment before the student arrives or shortly thereafter to have a conversation about this “in between” role, setting clear expectations and boundaries for the time that they are there.

Meals: Host families are the main source of meals/snacks for the students. If the student needs to bring a lunch to their site, please have food available for them to pack a lunch. If family dinners are not possible, please let the students know what food is available so that they can prepare their own dinner. Other ND Club families may also occasionally invite students over for meals or events.

Course expectations and processing the experience: Students have reading and writing to do during the summer as part of this 3-credit Theology course. In addition to the reading and coursework, your student may experience some things that occasionally require a quiet space to process. Please make sure that she/he has a quiet space to both do coursework and to retreat to/process every now and then.

Share in the Experience: Many of the SSLP students are engaged in meaningful but often intense work throughout their stay. Ask questions and walk with them if you can. You are a significant resource to students as they grow in understanding of their experience.

Finances:  Students receive a $500 stipend to pay for daily commuting costs, as well as other incidental expenses. Students also receive a $2,200 tuition scholarship for the fall semester. 

Health Insurance, Emergencies or Concerns:  Students should have their health insurance information with them in case they need medical care. Please advise them of locations of a clinic and hospital nearby. If your student is injured, please call SSLP Interim Director Ben Wilson at 574-631-1023, as well as your student's parent(s).  If you are a host family and have concerns in general, please your ND Club SSLP coordinator, as well as Ben Wilson (