SSLP Financial Information and Funding Ideas

SSLP Financial Information

Each student participant in the SSLP receives $2,700 -- of this amount, $2200 is directly deposited as a scholarship into students' accounts and students receive the remaining $500 as a check prior to the summer to help defray transportation and daily commuting costs, as well as minor incidental costs during the 8 weeks.

In sponsoring a SSLP student, Notre Dame Clubs take responsibility for providing $2700 to the Center for Social Concerns for each student they would like to sponsor. If Clubs are unable to raise the full amount, they can ask for assistance from the Andrews Scholarship Fund for up to $1,500/student for up to four students. Notre Dame Clubs indicate how many students they plan to host and request Andrews Scholarship funding, as needed, on the annual SSLP ND Club Commitment Form sent to all participating ND Club contacts in October. If Clubs who have not participated in the past are interested in learning more about sponsoring a SSLP placement in their area, please contact Ben Wilson at

Sending in Contributions

Some Clubs ask members to earmark their annual contributions to the University for the Club’s SSLP scholarship. Credit for football tickets is granted for such contributions. The contributions should be sent to the Center for Social Concerns with a note of what Notre Dame Club SSLP scholarship it should be credited to. We then forward the checks to the Development Office.

Creative Fundraising Ideas Used by ND Clubs

  • Some Clubs have hosted a fund-raising event, such as a golf outing, to raise money for the SSLP Scholarship.
  • For some Clubs an individual donor has stepped up to sponsor a student with a $1,200 contribution or $2,500 contribution and asks for the balance from the Andrews Scholarship Fund, such as Michigan–Upper Peninsula and Savannah.
  • The Rochester Club works with a local foundation to cover the scholarship for one student each year.
  • Sometimes sites are able to contribute toward the scholarship.
  • Some employers offer matching funds to supplement an individual donor's contributions to the SSLP.