Final Paper Guidelines for SSLP-2016

Due August 22, 2016

Cover Page

Please attach a page on the front of your paper with the following facts about your project:

  • your name,
  • site name,
  • Notre Dame club sponsor, (Stewart Home School and Nazareth Farm do not have a Notre Dame club sponsor)
  • dates of your SSLP,
  • a brief description of your site,
  • a description of your tasks and duties,
  • a summary of your interaction with the staff,
  • a summary of your interaction with alumni and alumnae.

Objective for the Final Paper: To integrate insights from your SSLP experience with a theological theme or question from the course readings.

This should be an original paper, not a copy of what you have already written in your journal. You may quote your journal, or tell one story that you have written about in your journal but it should be limited to two paragraphs.

A. Theology and Experience

Introduce the reader to the setting and relationships of your SSLP and how the theological theme or question arises from your experience. Examples of theological themes are: What is the role of displacement in service? In what ways did you discover God in relationships? What principle from Catholic social thought most relates to your SSLP experience?

Develop the body of the paper in a way that clearly responds to your question or theme.

Consider using the methodology of NAME or Killen and DeBeer's intersection of tradition with experience to find the Standpoint of Exploration.

Integrate at least three quotations of a sentence or more from the readings into the paper. Choose quotations that lead you to further insight or those with which you disagree. Note the author and the page number for the quotations. Continue to refer to your SSLP experience in reference to the quotations. (3 pages)

B. Understanding Poverty and Injustice

Write an essay about your observations of poverty and/or injustice and your ideas to address the injustice.

Make at least two specific references to the course readings or the Orientation class presentations, noting author and page number, or speaker's name at the Orientation classes. (2 pages)

C. Conclusion

Reflect on your overall learning from the SSLP, the course reading and discussions with your site supervisors and/or Notre Dame club during the summer.

  • What have you learned?
  • In what ways have you grown or changed?
  • What will you do differently because of this experience?
  • How would you like to stay involved in service or in courses related to issues you encountered?

(1–2 pages)

The paper should be 7–8 pages (including the cover page), typed, double spaced, with 12 pt. font and standard margins. Please number your pages. Be attentive to style, structure, punctuation, as well as content.


Be sure to change the names of the people you write about for confidentiality reasons. Your paper needs to be written with the perspective that you will send a copy to your Notre Dame club contact person, your site supervisor and special donors, if applicable.

Send your paper

  • Submit your paper electronically and bring two copies of the paper to the Center for Social Concerns on August 22, 2016.
  • Send a copy of your paper and a thank you note to your Notre Dame Club Contact Person.
  • Send a copy of your paper and a thank you note to your Site Supervisor.
  • Send a copy of your paper and a thank you note to Kathleen Andrews or other special donors, if you are an Andrews Scholar or if you are notified about the donor of your scholarship.