Social Concerns Seminars

Social concerns seminars are one-credit engaged learning courses that require students to do social analysis, work with community partners around the country, and reflect on their service experience.

Summer Service Learning Program

The Summer Service Learning Program is a three-credit theology course with an eight-week immersion for Notre Dame students who are interested in expanding their education by working with and learning from persons who are marginalized in society.

International Summer Service Learning Program

The International Summer Service Learning Program is a four-credit course and an eight-week summer service-learning program in Catholic social tradition and social analysis which together provide a critical lens through which students are invited to interpret an array of global issues. 

summer courses and internships

Summer courses and internships provide undergraduate students with the opportunity to apply their academic studies in a professional setting with a social focus.


Community-based research is a collaborative effort between academic researchers and non-academy based community members that aims to generate social action and positive social change through the use of multiple knowledge sources and research methods. 


Experience education outside the classroom.