Postgraduate Service Fair

Wednesday september 28  |  5:00-8:00pm  |  JOyce CENter Heritage hall 

Representatives from nearly 50 non-profit organizations, ranging from health clinics in Honduras to schools in Chicago, will be on campus to talk to students about opportunities in healthcare, education, social service, advocacy/organizing, legal affairs, communications, management…and more!  Issues include poverty, children’s welfare, immigration, healthcare, elder care, environmental justice, healthy food, and homelessness, to name a few! 

To register for the Service Fair, please complete this form:

Service Fair Registration 

The Center for Social Concerns also partners with The Career Center (TCC) on providing resources  and support for students interested in pursuing postgraduate service.  Organizations are encouraged to register with TCC's employment database, GoIRISH, which includes all kinds of opportunities.  Service organizations are asked to include "Post-Grad Service" as one of their industries (in addition to "Non-Profit," "Education," "Healthcare," or whatever categories apply.)

Students interested in exploring service opportunities can click on the link below for access to a database of organizations that have recruited or are recruiting Notre Dame students.

Postgraduate Organizations