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Social Concerns Seminar:

Gospel of Life Seminar

CSC 33962 / THEO 33962


The goal of the Gospel of Life Seminar is to provide students with the opportunity to read and reflect on a variety of life issues through experiential learning. Exploration begins in the orientation classes where students will become familiar with various life issues through readings, lectures, and by meeting people who work on life-related issues. During the week in Washington, D.C., seminar participants will meet with various organizations (government offices, NGO’s, advocacy groups, and the USCCB).  Additionally, there will be an opportunity to serve the local community as you engage in honoring the life of those on the margins. The follow-up classes facilitate analysis and synthesis of insights gained during the week of experiential learning.

Immersion Dates:  October 18–25, 2014

Size: Up to 15

Cost: $290 (some scholarships available based on need)

Things to note:

  • As part of participation in a seminar, we seek to live intentionally and simply during the immersion. This may look different at each site as some sites, for example, allow fewer showers, others may have simpler sleeping arrangements, meals will be healthy and simple, please be flexible. We ask that you take the opportunity to invest fully and embrace the change of pace and amenities.

  • You will receive more specific details from your site leader during preparation classes

  • Most meals will be prepared by your team or in conjunction with your hosts. Meals are provided throughout travel to and from your immersion location. You will have a limited budget for meals which will be enough to eat simply and be well nourished.

  • Site leaders will be liaison with community partner contacts

  • Lodging varies depending on the site – you will likely be responsible for your own bedding

  • You must participate in all class sessions and entire immersion in order to complete requirements for the course. If you miss any class for any reason you will be responsible for making the class up.


The fall seminars are football friendly (@ FSU on 10/18 and BYE on 10/25)!





  • Final Application Deadline: Thursday, August 28, 2014, 11:59 p.m.
  • Application process consists of two parts: (1) Completed application and (2) Interviews (you will be notified about interviews via email)

  • You cannot register for the seminar until you receive registration information from Seminars staff.

  • Notification of seminar placement will happen on September 1, 2014.

  • If you are not selected for participation in your first choice of seminars, you will be given the opportunity to participate in another seminar if there is still availability.

  • No admittance into the seminar after the first class the week of September 8, 2014

  • By submitting the application, you confirm you are in good academic standing.




Melissa Marley Bonnichsen

Seminar Director

Greg White

Seminars Administrative Assistant


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