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Leadership Training in Social Concerns Seminars

CSC 33981


This seminar will serve to prepare seminar leaders for immersion experiences over spring and fall breaks. The seminar aims to improve overall leadership skills, facilitate communal learning across seminars, and uniformly prepare leaders for the specific aspects of social concerns seminars. The course will consist of approximately 5–6 classes around a particular leadership theme led by a variety of Center for Social Concerns staff and faculty. This seminar will culminate in leading a fall or spring immersion or leading at an Appalachia site. Departmental approval required.

Prior to registering for this course, you will need to apply and be accepted as a 2015–2016 seminar student leader. Students that are accepted to be seminar leaders are encouraged to take the course in the semester in which they are leading. Leaders only need to take the course once.

For more information on becoming a student leader for 2015–2016 social concerns seminars, please contact Melissa Marley Bonnichsen, Kyle Lantz, or see the Leadership web page.


Melissa Marley Bonnichsen


Social Concerns Seminars

Kyle Lantz

Assistant Director

Social Concerns Seminars



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