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VOICE — CSC Student Advisory Board

Description / Mission

VOICE is the student advisory board for the Center for Social Concerns (CSC).

VOICE seeks to:

  • grow and enhance the mission of the CSC;
  • communicate students' perspectives to the staff of the CSC;
  • work with the staff and student staff in the decision making process at the CSC;
  • and collaborate with other student groups and student leaders on campus dedicated to service and social justice.


Serve on the 2014–2015 VOICE CSC Student Advisory Board!


  • Email the completed application, as an attachment, to by Friday, April 18, 2014.
  • Applicants who serve on VOICE are students selected by the existing advisory board.
  • VOICE meets regularly on its own and attends weekly CSC staff meetings.


For more information, please contact any of the current members listed below. They welcome suggestions, questions, and comments.


2013–2014 VOICE Members


Jenna Ahn

Class of 2014

Hometown: Salem, Oregon

Major: Theology and Pre-Professional Studies

Jenna is a senior theology and pre-health major from Salem, Oregon. She never expected to attend Notre Dame, but has been incredibly blessed by her many experiences especially at the Center for Social Concerns. As a freshman, Jenna participated in an Urban Poverty and Homelessness seminar in Portland near her hometown that really opened her eyes to the greater world around her. Since then, she was involved in a Summer Service Learning Program at the Orange County Catholic Worker, CRS advocacy training, and spent two summers serving with the Missionaries of Charity in Kolkata, India (one year as part of the ISSLP). She is particularly interested in the relationship between mission and international development and finds that her faith is inherently at the heart of her desire to serve others. When she’s not in Geddes, you can probably find Jenna giving campus tours, being a resident assistant in Walsh, playing violin in the symphony, or drinking copious amounts of tea. She also enjoys camping, hiking, and skiing in the Pacific Northwest.


Bobby Alvarez

Class of 2014

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Major: Program of Liberal Studies

Bobby is a senior from Los Angeles, California. During his Freshman Orientation, he received an email from his dorm Service Commissioner about a program called The Appalachia Seminar which occurred over fall break. He signed up because he didn’t want to be bored over the break, and he wasn’t. Since then, Bobby has participated in CSC programs in Los Angeles, Westville State Prison, Washington, DC, Camden, NJ, Trujillo, Honduras, and Santiago, Chile. Bobby is pursuing a major in the Program of Liberal Studies and minors in Peace Studies and Theology. He finds these disparate topics—philosophy, theology, and social justice—converge in his interests in politics and education. In his free time, Bobby is usually hanging out with friends in Zahm, mining wikipedia, or watching SportsCenter. In his un-free time, he can usually be found at his desk in the library (second floor, north side, second row, first desk). By working with VOICE, Bobby hopes to facilitate meaningful discussion of social justice issues on the Notre Dame campus in order to create a community where, “learning becomes service to justice.”


Doug Barnard

Class of 2015
Hometown: Indianapolis, IN
Majors: Theology and Peace Studies, minor in International Development Studies

Dougie came into Notre Dame planning on enrolling in the Mendoza College of Business until he took an intro to Psych class with Anre Venter. Upon visiting Anre during office hours, he was confused about life and his major. He rebounded from this by pursuing his interest in Africana Studies through getting involved at the Kellogg Institute. He is a member of the International Scholars Program and his areas of research include Christianity in East Africa and social and community development. He has spent time in Uganda the past two summers volunteering for Fields of Growth International and carrying out independent research for his senior thesis. He is a two year member of the men’s varsity tennis team and a resident of St. Edward’s Hall. A hot topic on Dougie’s mind is the experiences of minorities at Notre Dame. He enjoys a nice cup of tea and is a big fan of dining hall dates.


Angela Bird

Class of 2016

Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio

Majors: English, Theology

Minor: Gender Studies

Angela, a native of Cincinnati, Ohio, is a sophomore transfer student majoring in English and theology (meaning that her already too-large book collection will continue to expand). Along with her academic pursuits, Angela is involved with the Notre Dame Peace Fellowship and the Student Coalition for Immigration Advocacy, and is the co-president of Notre Dame’s Progressive Student Alliance. She is also a friend of the Catholic Worker community in South Bend, and spent two months of her summer between freshman and sophomore year as a summer volunteer. Her interest in social justice drew her to the CSC early in her college career, and she hasn’t been able to resist its charms ever since. She is thrilled to be a new member of VOICE and can’t wait to encourage even more student interest and involvement in the CSC. In her free time, she enjoys going for walks around campus, attempting to read while doing other things, practicing Spanish, dancing, drinking chai lattes, reading the New York Times, and laughing as much as possible.

Huili Chen
Class of 2014
Hometown: Guiyang, China
Majors: Computer Science

Huili is a sophomore student coming from a mountainous province in Southwestern China. She is excited to spend her second year serving the CSC as a member of VOICE. Huili likes sharing stories about teaching music class in a rural elementary school in her hometown, playing ping-pong on a cement ping-pong table with her students, and selling self-designed mugs to raise money for the school at her high school. On her first year at Notre Dame, she enjoyed her two eye-opening Appalachia seminars and her Urban Plunge experience in Portland. Last summer (2012), she spent two weeks with other four ND students in two villages of her not-so-developed hometown and helped local ethnic minority people preserve their culture. Huili can be found on the second floor of Pasquerilla East Hall. She is more than happy to listen to your stories and share hers. If you are up for it, please send her an e-mail to have some coffee and food.


Leila Green

Class of 2015

Hometown: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Major: Education, Schooling & Society and Portuguese & Brazilian Studies


Leila is a junior from Milwaukee, Wisconsin studying English, Education, Schooling and Society and Portuguese. It is a random combination of things, but she swears it will all come together and make sense one day. She has been active with the CSC since her freshmen year, spending 8 weeks in Camden, New Jersey through the SSLP program doing community organizing, HIV/AIDS outreach and teaching. Thankful for the plentiful opportunities at the CSC, Leila has also participated in the CRS advocacy workshop, the Youth, Risk and Resilience immersion seminar and works at the front desk of the Center. She is particularly interested in education, at-risk youth, juvenile delinquency, race, community organizing and social work. In the summer of 2013, Leila got to explore these interests through a research project on youth offending in London, England and a 2-month Kellogg internship in South Africa through the WorldTeach program where she got to do her absolute favorite thing in the world: work with kids. When she's not in the library or at work at the CSC or the Writing Center, you can find her around the South Bend community tutoring and mentoring adorable kids and teens or roaming aimlessly around campus. She is due to study abroad in Brazil in the 2013 spring semester, where she hopes to finally learn Portuguese. Inspired by the boundless hope and resilience in children, Leila seeks to become a social worker. By serving on VOICE, she hopes to make it easier for students to connect with children and youth in the South Bend Community.


Mia Lillis
Class of 2014
Hometown: Austin, Texas
Major: Philosophy and Political Science

Mia is a senior political science and philosophy major who hails from Austin, Texas. In addition to pursuing these majors and a Gender Studies minor, Mia is also involved with the Progressive Student Alliance, is a member of the Senior Class Council, is a Resident Assistant in her dorm, and enjoys her job working at the Alliance for Catholic Education. Mia is particularly interested in studying post-structuralist feminist philosophy, and will be writing her senior thesis on this particular topic. In her free time, Mia enjoys reading, singing, playing her guitar, and taking on any challenges that come her way. Mia can usually be found either in the CSC or hanging out in the hallways of Cavanaugh. By working with VOICE, Mia hopes to make the campus experience for all students as rich and fulfilling as possible, especially with regards to the service and/or social action dimension of student's lives.


Christina Mondi

Class of 2014

Hometown: Hamiltion, Ohio

Major: Psychology

Minors: Catholic Social Tradition and Science, Technology, and Values


Christina has considered the CSC her “home base” (second only to good old Farley) for the last three years. She has participated in the Summer Service Learning Program at the Astor Home for Children, the Urban Plunge and Appalachia seminars, and CRS advocacy; tutored, and served as a Research Assistant in Community-Based Learning and Moral Education. She’s also made time for as many random adventures as possible: scuba-diving in the snow, holding a human brain, and climbing Scottish mountains. She’s a big fan of Evely, Nouwen, and Merton and is passionate about mental health awareness and advocacy. She’d love to hear from anyone who has a story to tell.


Jon Schommer
Class of 2014
Hometown: Plainfield, Indiana
Major: Civil Engineering and Program of Liberal Studies

Jon Schommer is in final year of the five-year Engineering-Arts and Letters Program studying Civil Engineering and the Program of Liberal Studies. He enjoys spending his days at Notre Dame working at the rock climbing wall, attending daily masses in the dorms, and meeting with the inspiring members of the Catholic Peace Fellowship. He has been a part of Voice for the past two years and has been involved with the CSC in two Summer Service Learning Programs (South Dakota and West Virginia) and International Summer Service Learning Program (Kolkata, India). This year for his senior thesis in PLS, Jon will be integrating his two majors and summer experiences. The thesis will explore how engineering principles can be communicated across cultural and educational barriers in projects like the post-disaster reconstruction of Léogâne, Haiti with the Notre Dame group Engineering 2 Empower.


Francis Vu
Class of 2015
Hometown: Allen, Texas
Major: Theology

Francis is a junior theology major who was born and raised in Southern California, but has recently come to call Texas his new home. He returns from a formative summer with the ND VISION program, on fire to keep finding love and give it all away. During the fall, Francis will be studying abroad in Toledo, Spain, but he will be back home under the dome for the spring semester. (He can't imagine being away from Notre Dame any longer, even if that means returning for the beloved South Bend winters). As a student, Francis spends his time living in Keough, taking walks around campus, eating at North (even though he lives in West Quad.. no shame), hanging out in Campus Ministry, studying on the 12th floor of the library, exploring the arts at DPAC, as well as singing and praising with the Folk Choir. This will be his second year serving as a member of VOICE and he very much looks forward to re-engaging in the work done by the CSC. In the next year, he hopes to continue learning more about the CSC, building relationships with the staff, and serving in any capacity he can through this committee.


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