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VOICE — CSC Student Advisory Board

Description / Mission

VOICE is the student advisory board for the Center for Social Concerns (CSC).

VOICE seeks to:

  • grow and enhance the mission of the CSC;
  • communicate students' perspectives to the staff of the CSC;
  • work with the staff and student staff in the decision making process at the CSC;
  • and collaborate with other student groups and student leaders on campus dedicated to service and social justice.

For more information, please contact any of the current members listed below. They welcome suggestions, questions, and comments.


2014–2015 VOICE Members


Angela Bird

Class of 2016

Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio

Major: English / Theology

Minor: Gender Studies

Angela, a native of Cincinnati, Ohio, is a junior transfer student majoring in English and theology (meaning that her already too-large book collection will continue to expand). Along with her academic pursuits, Angela is involved with the Notre Dame Peace Fellowship and the Student Coalition for Immigration Advocacy, and is the copresident of Notre Dame’s Progressive Student Alliance. She is also a friend of the Catholic Worker community in South Bend, and spent two months of her summer between freshman and sophomore year as a summer volunteer. Her interest in social justice drew her to the CSC early in her college career, and she hasn’t been able to resist its charms ever since. She is thrilled to be a new member of VOICE and can’t wait to encourage even more student interest and involvement in the CSC. In her free time, she enjoys going for walks around campus, attempting to read while doing other things, practicing Spanish, dancing, drinking chai lattes, reading the New York Times, and laughing as much as possible.


Patrick Boduch
Class of 2015
Hometown: Geneva, Illinois
Major: Finance and Economics

Upon arriving at Notre Dame his freshman year, Pat had no idea what sort of wild and wacky adventures awaited him, nor what sort of life-changing inspiration he’d find in the people of this university. After his sophomore year, Pat was fortunate enough to engage in the CSC’s International Summer Service Learning Program (ISSLP) in Uganda which has proved to be the most transformative part of his Notre Dame experience. Originally from Geneva, Illinois, Pat is now a senior and a proud student of the Mendoza College of Business where he majors in finance, with a second major in economics. When he’s not settled in the McNeill Library of Geddes Hall, you might find Pat playing the baritone for the Band of the Fighting Irish, memorizing digits of Pi with the Notre Dame Memory Team, going on long runs around campus on otherwise lazy Friday mornings, and reading any sort of illuminating book he can get his hands on. Pat is tremendously excited to be a new member of VOICE and can’t wait to encourage even more students to engage in the CSC’s programs.


Huili Chen
Class of 2016
Hometown: Guiyang, China
Majors: Computer Science

Huili is a junior student coming from a mountainous province in Southwestern China. She is excited to spend her second year serving the CSC as a member of VOICE. Huili likes sharing stories about teaching music class in a rural elementary school in her hometown, playing ping-pong on a cement ping-pong table with her students, and selling self-designed mugs to raise money for the school at her high school. On her first year at Notre Dame, she enjoyed her two eye-opening Appalachia seminars and her Urban Plunge experience in Portland. Last summer (2012), she spent two weeks with other four ND students in two villages of her not-so-developed hometown and helped local ethnic minority people preserve their culture. Huili can be found on the second floor of Pasquerilla East Hall. She is more than happy to listen to your stories and share hers. If you are up for it, please send her an e-mail to have some coffee and food.


Annika Fling
Class of 2016
Hometown: Salinas, California
Major: Biological Sciences
Minor: Glynn Family Honors Program / Catholic Social Tradition

Annika is a junior Biology major from Salinas, California (known for John Steinbeck and lettuce) who was raised in her mother’s veterinary hospital and her dad’s vet truck. Besides a love for all creatures great and small, her childhood inculcated the importance of serving others. Annika was delighted to learn about the CSC when she came to Notre Dame so she could continue the exploration of faith and service she initiated in high school. An awesome experience at Glenmary Farm on a spring break Appalachia trip piqued her desire be involved with the CSC. Annika spent eight weeks this summer at Isaiah House with the Orange County Catholic Worker community, living with and learning from some seriously cool people (and animals). While at Notre Dame, she loves volunteering at Reins of Life and St. Mary’s Convent. She enjoys walks around the lakes, burrito night at North Dining Hall, and exploring ND chapels. As a part of VOICE, Annika hopes to help the CSC provide busy students with a unique forum for thinking about challenges of the heart and spirit when they are inundated with challenges of the intellect.


Emily Kruse

Class of 2016

Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Major: Science-Business

Minor: Poverty Studies

Emily, a junior from Minneapolis, Minnesota, is a Science-Business major and Poverty Studies minor who completed an International Summer Service Learning Program (ISSLP) in Ghana in the summer of 2014 and enjoys attending global health discussions and Soup & Substance discussions at the CSC. She is a photographer for The Observer, dances for Dance Company, and loves meeting with Jacob through the Special Friends club. Emily plans to attend graduate school to pursue a career in epidemiology and hopes to incorporate her passion for working with children with special needs into her career path. She loves yoga, running, and kayaking in the north woods of Minnesota. Her goals for the CSC include discussing and possibly helping implement more opportunities for student participation in funded global service programs while addressing race and gender issues relevant to participation in service.


Ethan Muehlstein
Class of 2016
Hometown: Kerrville, Texas
Major: IT Management / Political Science

Ethan is a junior IT Management and Political Science double major from Kerrville, Texas. Service has always been an important aspect of Ethan’s development, so when he arrived at Notre Dame, he sought out the CSC to get involved. During his spring semester freshman year, he participated in an Appalachia Seminar at Nazareth Farm in Salem, West Virginia rebuilding homes and becoming closer to God. Since then, Ethan has participated in CSC programs in Austin, Texas, and in Green River, Utah. He has also attended the Catholic Social Ministry Gathering in Washington, D.C., where he was inspired by service rooted in the corporal works of mercy. He is particularly interested in the refugee populations and victims of human trafficking, and he finds that his faith drives his desire to serve. When he’s not in Geddes Hall , you can probably find Ethan binge watching classic films, conversing about Texas, or lounging in the campus ministry office. Ethan also enjoys researching random facts about random celebrities and random American towns.


Amanda Peña
Class of 2015
Hometown: Whittier, California
Major: Sustainable Development (self-designed major)

Minor: Poverty Studies Interdisciplinary Minor

Amanda’s curiosity of the world drew her from sunny Southern California to South Bend in hopes of studying medicine as the first in her family to go to college. After watching a documentary about waterborne diseases in Latin America and researching the impact of oil drilling on slums, though, Amanda's passion for environmental and social justice fully awakened. She crafted a major in Sustainable Development that would blend her interests in environmental sustainability with international development- ultimately taking her to Bolivia, Brazil, and India to research urban development practices that aim to eradicate poverty. She believes her passion and advocacy against social injustices has been greatly nurtured through the many hours she spends at the CSC as an employee, taking courses and participating in its programs or events. She enjoys creating discussion about difficult issues through her Viewpoint column in The Observer, leadership in Building Tomorrow and Latino Honor Society, or involvement as a FIRE Starter with the GRC because she believes it challenges others to better understand their own beliefs and collaborate for solutions to critical problems. Amanda's not always super serious though—she loves boxing for the Baraka Bouts women's boxing team (she even trains and spars abroad), baking, cooking, and quoting Will Ferrell movies. Her favorite things in the world are chocolate, big hugs, long conversations, and her fat cat, Mr. Howie.


Francis Vu
Class of 2015
Hometown: Allen, Texas
Major: Theology

Francis is a senior theology major who has finally embraced his new life in good ol’ Texas—though Southern California will always be home. He returns to Notre Dame from an unbelievably grace-filled summer from his International Summer Service Learning Program (ISSLP) in Lima, Peru. In the CSC, he will be serving for his third year as a member of VOICE. On campus, Francis can be found praying in song with his Folkheads in the Folk Choir, serving as an RA in Keough Hall, playing volleyball at any moment possible, spending time on retreats with Campus Ministry, dining hall meal dating, and just embracing all that Our Lady's University—especially the people within—has blessed him with over the past three years. He very much looks forward to continuing the service of VOICE as well as the mission of the CSC as they strive to cultivate fruitful dialogue and compassionate consciences on campus.


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