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2009-2010 VOICE Members

Bianca Fernandez

Class of 2011

Hometown: Miami, Florida

Major: Anthropology

Minor: Italian

Always surrounded by more books than she is capable of reading at one time, Bianca dreams of past summers when she befriended children while participating in the Center's Summer Service Learning Program (SSLP) in Rapid City after her freshman year and an International Summer Service Leaning Program (ISSLP) in San Pedro Sula after her sophomore year. One day she would like to return to Rapid City and bask in the beauty of the the Black Hills. She doesn't really know what she wants to do with her life at this point, but agrees with Ghandi that is it important to be the change you want to see in the world. Bianca enjoys cooking and baking, walking around campus taking pictures of the different seasons, meditating at the Grotto, playing her guitar on Bond Quad, or journaling in her hammock.

Kristi Haas

Class of 2010

Hometown: South Bend and Iowa

Kristi enjoys thinking, listening, chatting, dancing, being human, and human beings. When she's not in O’Shaughnessy or the CSC, you can find her biking through snow, cooking, or playing the piano. She's learning that life is all about relationship: with God, others, creation, and our own experiences, and she is deeply blessed by relationships from a semester abroad in Uganda, summers in Hartford, CT, and El Salvador (through the SSLP), a summer in Jerusalem, and most of all time at home in South Bend and Iowa. Issues she cares about most include peacemaking, environmental sustainability, and education for critical awareness.

 Paul Jindra

Class of 2010

Hometown: Ohio

Majors: History and Economics

Paul is a senior and grew up in Ohio. This will be his second year as a member of VOICE. Majoring in history and economics, Paul is excited to come back to Notre Dame and the Center for Social Concerns after studying in London during the spring of 2009. Some of his interests include studying relations between the West and the Muslim world, the religious politics of South Asia, and the problem of rote learning in developing countries. After graduation, Paul plans to follow a wise man’s advice: “Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I will

meet you there.

Anita Marquez

Class of 2010

Hometown: New Mexico

Anita grew up in a little town in New Mexico surrounded by a huge family. Through this, she has learned to navigate through eight table conversations at once, which was very useful when she lived in a maternity shelter in California the summer of 2008. There she learned the meaning of true love through adoption and hopes to share the humbling lessons of that experience with the orphans and monks she will be teaching in Thailand during the summer of 2009 through the ISSLP program. She is more than happy to speak about her experiences with Urban Plunge, Organizing Power and Hope, many other seminars, and working at the CSC. On campus, she calls Breen Phillips home and is serving as a Resident Assistant for her senior year. Anyone is invited to share her love for hot cocoa, peanut butter, cereal, dancing, and movies. She hopes to someday work in Education Administration or Policy, but looks forward to teaching for many years before that.

Meghan McKinney

Class of 2012

Hometown: Mobile, Alabama

Majors: English and Spanish

Meghan came to Notre Dame from Mobile, Alabama and is completely enchanted by the phenomenon of changing seasons. She will never pass up the chance to share a long conversation with a good friend over hot tea or coffee. She loves playing the piano, baking, learning new languages, exploring, and sleeping in hammocks. During her freshman year, Meghan participated in the Urban Plunge seminar and spent the next summer teaching children about service on an Summer Service Learning Program (SSLP) in Austin. Her other lifetime ambitions include writing a song and pursuing her passion for education, languages, and the preservation of human dignity through service. Before she tackles the real world, Meghan hopes to make a great number of small differences on campus; in the words of Mother Theresa, "Peace begins with a smile."

Matt Panhans
Class of 2010
Hometown: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Major: Economics

Matt has been involved in many CSC activities, including seminars in Appalachia, Washington DC on healthcare, Border Issues, and most recently an International Summer Service Learning program (ISSLP) in Tanzania during the summer of 2008. On campus, Matt likes to climb trees, cheer for Notre Dame, and be happy.

Aaron Pierre
Class of 2010
Hometown: Rhinelander, Wisconsin
Majors: Theology and Pre-Professional Studies

Aaron, now serving as an RA in O’Neill Hall, found his way into the CSC as a wide-eyed freshman not exactly sure what he was getting into. After an Urban Plunge, a couple weeklong seminars, and a summer in Honduras working at an orphanage, he recognizes just how integral the CSC has been in shaping his Notre Dame experience and forming his view of the world. A lover of the Spanish language, Aaron spent a semester studying in Mexico and interning in the local hospitals. Heading to Medical school in the near future, Aaron hopes to find a way to live out his devotion to service through his passion for medicine. If you see Aaron walking around campus, feel free to engage him in a little academic banter or passionate (respectful) argument.

Alicia Quiros

Class of 2010

Hometown: Orange, California

Major: Anthropology and Peace Studies

Minor: Catholic Social Tradition

Alicia enjoys spending time in various parts of the South Bend community and living and learning in Central America. She especially is interested in liberation theology and the feminist movement in Nicaragua and the ways in which communities, especially women, organize to empower themselves and each other. She enjoys sitting on her roof, in hammocks, and on porches discovering others’ stories and interests. Alicia is also very interested in issues surrounding immigration and violence here in South Bend, as well as at the border and south of the border, she spent a summer living on the border between El Paso, TX and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico to better understand the complex issues and injustices that so many who are forced to migrate North face. Alicia also works at the Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies and is a member of the Campus Labor Action Project. 

Katherine Schilling
Class of 2010
Hometown: Kansas City
Majors: Political Science and Peace Studies

After a semester abroad in London and a summer working with the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops in Washington, D.C., Katherine is thrilled to be back at Notre Dame for her senior year. In addition to participating in the CSC’s Summer Service Learning Program (SSLP), she has conducted research in Buenos Aires, Argentina and The Hague in the Netherlands on issues related to social and economic justice. Her primary interests lie at the interface of international cooperation for development, corporate social responsibility, and Catholic Social Teaching. On campus, Katherine is most likely found attending lectures in the Hesburgh Center, singing with the Folk Choir, enjoying the new CSC, playing the piano in the Welsh Family chapel, visiting the Grotto, and riding her bike everywhere in between. 

Jeremy Tamargo

Class of 2010

Hometown: Massapequa Park, NY
Major: Civil Engineering
Minor: Peace Studies

Jeremy is majoring in engineering at Notre Dame but, surprisingly enough, he is also an extravert. He considers himself to be athletic. He loves reading books. He is passionate about social justice, especially equality of access in education. Two years ago, Jeremy spent his summer working on environmental issues for a non-profit organization in the urban communities of Bridgeport, CT. This past summer, he worked as a secondary school teacher in Uganda. He is also one of the student leaders of the Youth, Violence and Society Seminar through the Center for Social Concerns. After defying the engineering stereotypes time and again during his four years at Notre Dame, Jeremy will be headed to graduate school to continue to pursue his passions in the fields of civil engineering, youth education, and social justice.


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